How To

Label Slayer Instructions: 

Step 1: secure the device to a work surface using wood working clamps, bolts or double sided tape. The label slayer can also be rotated 180 degrees if your labels are rolled in the opposite direction.

Step 2: Attach the stand to the main jig. Insert the included 1” to 3” core adapters to the roll of labels and place the roll on the stand using the dowel.

Step 3: Remove a few labels and feed the label backing material through the top slot until it appears in the middle of the jig.

Step 4: Reverse the label backing material and feed it through the bottom slot. Continue feeding until it appears on the front side.

Step 5: Place a can either full or empty in the label slayer and pull evenly on the backing material. If needed, rotate the can while the label is being applied. Stop immediately after the label is fully applied to prevent applying the start of the next label.

Instructional Videos: 

Round bottles or cans:

Flat Bottles:


Craft Beer: